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Lessons for the September 2024 exam begin in January

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What is the 11 plus?
Many Lincolnshire Grammar Schools use the 11 Plus exam as a means of screening the suitability of their students.
In Louth the tests (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning) are currently run in September, shortly after the start of Year 6.
Verbal Reasoning?
The Verbal Reasoning exam tests the student’s abilities in numeracy and literacy. It involves thinking about text, solving word problems, following instructions to come up with solutions, spotting sequences and cracking letter and number-based codes.
Non-Verbal Reasoning?
The Non-Verbal Reasoning exam is usually a week later. It involves problem solving based around diagrams and shapes rather than words. They are designed to see how a child can use critical thinking and logic to solve problems. You child will need to work out sequences, similarities and differences between these diagrams to break the code.
Any questions?
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